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We provide all the required agricultural planting, materials, fertilizer, accessories,  technical support and consultations for all types of plantations and industrial agricultural practices in every scale.

We offer our services to all the major crops grown in Sri Lanka as well as miner crops, cash crops, export agricultural crops, paddy, vegetables, fruits, flower and gardening crops around Rakwana. Plantation Management Rakwana

What we do

If you are planing on a new plantation or if you need support on your current farm land, we provide all the following professional agricultural services. Plantation Management Rakwana

  • Crop selection and Initial Planning
  • Land preparation and constructions
  • Planting and plant management
  • Maintenance and caring
  • Harvesting and processing
  • Post productions
  • Consultation services

Consultation Services

Agriculture is a well balanced science between living organizes and their environment. We can get the maximum benefits from a properly managed cultivation with science and technology. We are up to do that. We provide the best and the latest knowledge, methods, technologies and the required consultations with a team of professional agriculture and related subject matter specialists to get the best out of your plantations.

  • Knowledge and Consultations
  • Trainings and Workshops
  • Technologies and Latest Innovations

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My Sight
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My Sight is a Landscaping and Agricultural company serving all types of domestic and commercial landscaping services, farming and agricultural products and services.