All About Plants

It’s the most important part of any agricultural, domestic, landscaping or foresting project. Selecting the right and the best quality plants will determine the quality and the results of your final outcome.

We provide all types of forest plants, flower and gardening plants, fruits and vegetable plants, export agriculture and herbal plants, and all types of plants and root-balls for foresting and landscaping around Matara. Plant Nurseries Matara

Plant Nurseries Ratnapura

Best Quality Plants

Our plant nurseries provide the standard agricultural certified plants, best quality verities, hybrid plants, tissue cultured plants, high yield and hardened agricultural plants in any quantity.

  • Flower and Landscaping Plants
  • Fruits and Agricultural Plants
  • Export Agricultural and Medicinal Plants
  • Foresting and Timber Plants

Materials and Accessories

We supply all the required planting materials, manure, fertilizer, vitamins, minerals, pots, tools, planting accessories in all the quantities and the required agricultural consultations. Plant Nurseries Matara

  • Best Quality Pots and Containers
  • Fertilizer, Minerals and Vitamins
  • Tools and accessories
  • Consultations and knowledge

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