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There are a number of things should be considered when doing a land preparation and landscaping. It’s really important to know what’s best for your land, get an idea of the environment, soil condition and suitable plants before developing the land and cultivating crops.

We provide all the required services for initial planting, new cleaning of lands, soil conservation, plantation development, landscaping and required products and consultations for your land. It’s more of a science than art and we are all up to that around Hikkaduwa. Land Development Projects Hikkaduwa

Agriculture Services Ratnapura

Land preparation and development is a crucial stage in any landscaping and cultivation project since it should be addressed the soil conditions, weather and climate, best suitable crops and plants, soil and water conservation and a number of facts.

We lead you the right way of doing all the land development practices from simple landscaping to large scale cultivation projects. Land Development Projects Hikkaduwa

What We Do

Just let us handle the hard part. And we will assure to provide the following services with the latest knowledge and technology. Land Development Projects Hikkaduwa

  • Planning
  • New Cleaning
  • Land Conservation
  • Plantation and Development

Landscaping Services

When comes to landscaping, we provide a-z landscaping services and products with precise scientific approach. It’s a process of turning your home garden or land back to the nature where the beauty and freedom if restored.

  • Landscaping Services
  • Plants and Materials
  • Tools, furniture and  accessories
  • Maintenance services
  • Consultations and knowledge

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My Sight is a Landscaping and Agricultural company serving all types of domestic and commercial landscaping services, farming and agricultural products and services.