About the Company.

My Sight!

My Sight is a professional agriculture and landscaping company located in Ratnapura serving all the related requirements. We provide the products, materials and services required for a vast range of agricultural and landscaping projects such as organic and conventional agriculture, export agriculture, gardening and landscaping, fertilizer and agricultural material manufacturing and all the required consultations. Agriculture Consultations Ratnapura

We work with state qualified professional agrarians and landscaping specialists with a sound educational background and years of hands on experience in the industry. With the knowledge and expertise, we assure to provide the best products and services for all your requirements. Agriculture Consultations Ratnapura


Get made your environment like no other. It’s our expertise to make your place extraordinary by giving life to the nature..

It's About Making Your Eyesight

We follow the best agricultural and Landscaping practices for the futures best.


Natural and Organic

We use Natural and Organic materials and products as much as we can to minimize the pollution and toxic exposure to your environment.

Scientific Aproach

All our agricultural and landscaping practices are done according to the best and approved scientific practices, latest methods and technologies.

Environmental Friendly

We design and architect your locations for the best and suitable landscaping techniques while making your place extraordinary and alive.

Environmental Friendly

Our make sure to do all our constructions, designs and approaches environmental friendly to make sure to keep the natural balance at your place.


My Sight
143/B, Welimaluwa, Ratnapura
Phone: 077 016 3089


My Sight is a Landscaping and Agricultural company serving all types of domestic and commercial landscaping services, farming and agricultural products and services.